Please watch video below to get general introduction.

Benefits to you, the caregiver:
Patients who get Spark videos that occasionally feature a message from you call-in more often and report feeling more supported & happier. :-)


How to get YOU into your patients videos:

We have set up the Spark videos to have slots ready for your words of encouragement or conversation starters for future calls. It’s as easy to add your videos as it is to upload a selfie to Instagram. Please go to: to add yours today. 😎

Suggested way to get patients signed up:

1. You ask them permission during call to register them with their email and phone number. Then, you go here and sign them up! You tell them they can stop anytime, it’s 100% private and that they can add their own photos, videos and tastes to make it better. Keep this URL to sign-up new patients.


2. During a telemedicine or in-person appointment, tell patient to go on their mobile phone or tablet to: or You can offer to answer questions during call should they have any problems uploading photos, etc. The set-up process usually takes under 5 minutes, but can take longer depending on how long the patient wishes. The platform has been designed to help Brief Action Planning and specific self-directed behaviors to help your patient - and more importantly it’s designed to help them feel an extended sense of care from you.

Spark examples (with nurse Renee and placeholder content.)

Other nurse (outside group) appears in Spark to remind user of her plan to rockclimb (this is for addiction recovery population.)