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Powering Lasting Behavior Change

Value-based Patient engagement:

Therapeutic video nudges that keep people motivated.

MotiSpark's AI-driven personalized video platform helps patients stick to their doctor's orders, attend more billable sessions and learn the skills for lasting behavior change. We combine best practices of advertising, behavioral science and social media to empower people to use the draw of their phones to spark healthier behavior. 

Notes from current users:
“Keep the videos coming…
they keep me going when I think I can’t
”…they make me feel like
someone cares, i’m less alone"

“When I am in the exam room with a patient, I have a few moments to offer a few words that I hope will inspire and instruct.  MotiSpark is brilliant — it offers that encouragement in the moment when it is most needed, when the patient is managing his or her illness in real life, far from the doctor’s office.”

Ellen Rothman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center

“Finally, a product that patients engage with. I haven’t seen anything in the marketplace that encourages patient participation like this”

Noah Nordheimer
CEO, Concerted Care Group


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Simplified Introduction to MotiSpark


Case Study

Would women who wanted to lose weight be willing to film themselves talking about why they wanted to eat more healthfully? Would they be able to identify the unhealthy foods they ate and go out and get healthier alternatives? Would getting SmartSparks keep them on track? 
The answer to all of the above is YES.👍



Women ages 21-55

Women throughout the continental United States used SmartSpark for multiple cycles, for an average of 7 days.


Sparks worked

Women reported that their sparks worked to inspire them to exercise, eat more healthfully and/or feel more relaxed at stressful moments.


Signed on to continue use

All of the participants signed on to continue using the platform.