At the base of all Sparks: Motivation & Self-Care Skills to Live Healthier, Happier Lives ✨➹

All of MotiSpark's programming is designed to empower people to build their intrinsic motivation while learning the self-care skills necessary to be the authors of their healthcare journeys. The platform uses CBT, motivational interviewing and our patent-pending novel experience to help individuals establish daily routines that include healthier eating, exercise, drinking water, practicing good sleep hygiene, and positive re-framing.  Bite-sized bits healthcare education is peppered in to increase healthcare literacy.

People get to see & create the stories of their happier, healthier futures where they are the heroes slaying their struggles.

Sparks build trust in caregivers in a scalable, delightful manner

Caregiver greetings appear in relevant patients Sparks to provide a sense of ongoing empathetic support. Videos are as easy to upload as using Instagram & are automatically integrated into relevant patient Sparks at the times they need them - so nurses and community workers can record 1 set of videos that are sent out at personally relevant times for each patient. Videos are as easy to upload as using Instagram and guided by our research-based prompts.

Lifestyle management with type 2 diabetes like you’ve never seen before ☺➹

Short, fun, easy to understand videos. No text. No tracking. Pure engagement that delivers intrinsic motivation and compliance. MotiSpark's program is designed to ensure patients with Type 2 Diabetes get the self-care knowledge they need in easy to understand bites, as well as the inspiration to stick to daily healthy habits ranging from exercise, drinking water, practicing good sleep hygiene, and positive reframing - with emotional support.  Individual diabetes care nurses are featured in language, culture and patient specific, timely video nudges.

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Patients learn & engage in a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy that also captures their content and preferences. The resulting spark video includes visual priming to help her subconsciously choose healthier foods.


Available in English & Spanish, Spark videos are dynamically generated based on people’s tastes & needs. They combine images they & their caregiver upload with content we create and license.

Addiction recovery 🙏➹

MotiSpark's addiction recovery program is modeled around cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy and location-specific treatments.  We help recovery counselors by giving them a platform that asks their standard questions designed to help their patients identify their personal coping strategies.  And, then patients get ongoing support that includes encouragement to follow their specific action plans.

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Motivation While on Dialysis ☀️➹

MotiSpark's dialysis support program provides ongoing emotional support for people on dialysis with the aim of reducing hospitalizations, increasing appointment show-rates and reinforcing self-care practices.  See