Our Team

We are hands-on product builders, creatives, and social and behavioral scientists working out of Los Angeles CA. We're building the future of personalized behavioral nudges, while immediately empowering patients to use the addictive pull of checking their phones to follow care plans and improve their health.

Technology + Design + behavioral Psychology + The art of hollywood


Ariel Mcnichol Langer

Behavior-change design pioneer who co-founded and scaled multiple start-ups including popular avatar company mEgo. Formerly with Apple, Disney, and Scientific Learning.


Kyle Brinkman

Co-founded and scaled multiple startups like MySpace and Beachmint, with expertise in leveraging user-generated content at scale. Seasoned technologist and product team builder.


Amanda Wang Valentine

Former banker and product market-fit specialist with expertise in healthcare sales and product integration.

Jason McNichol, PhD.

Social scientist, patient advocate, and entrepreneur with more than two decades' experience overseeing mission-driven projects in healthcare and technology.


Sean Young, PhD.

Executive Director at Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT); UCLA School of Medicine. Author of best-selling book on behavior change.


Vivienne Ming, PhD.

(Advisor) Theoretical neuroscience pioneer who invented AI systems predict manic episodes in bipolar suffers weeks in advance.

Advisors & Creative Partners

Sajid Ahmed Bio Pic_mlk.jpg

Sajid Ahmed, Pioneering healthcare technology innovation leader.


Rob Bircher, Seasoned health-tech expert

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Melva Benoit, content strategist, consumer insights leader. Formerly at Fox, Viacom.

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Delaney Bishop, award winning filmmaker with dozens of viral video hits. 

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Charles Huang, Builder, advisor and champion of health/technology innovation.

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Juan Oubina, Award winning director, Latinx market expert

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Julia Johnston, strategic business development advisor

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Lisa Valtierra, Healthcare strategy, Latinx market expert

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Mark Jaffe, seasoned financial and operational advisor.


TruLove Post, award winning post-production collective community

Proud Member of ScaleLA.com

Proud Member of ScaleLA.com

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