A deeper look into a Healthy Eating SmartSpark

Below is a sample of a SmartSpark. Over 90% of testers (50 women, 18-54 years old through out US) have reported success at not only switching foods, but reported eating better throughout the day, and all of them have signed up for more.

Using Motivational Interviewing  and CBT best practices, our client is asked to film responses to 3 questions: What is one bad food choice they can swap out the next day. 2. What is a healthier choice. And,  how will they feel when they are eating healthfully on a regular basis. Their responses that are mixed into a SmartSpark that is sent back to them the next day with content chosen based on their demographic and API available data.  

Everyday their SmartSparks are different, based on their physical data, ratings, progress and availability of peer support.

The 1st video shows what Annmarie got at the time she said she needs the willpower boost.
The 3 below that show her source video that is mixed into a template. Below that is an example of another users SmartSpark based on the same template.


To help alcoholics drink less, this game has them practice pushing away drinks.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/217954.php

Harnessing the power of disgust: a randomized trial to reduce high-calorie food appeal through implicit priming ajcn.nutrition.org/content/102/2/249.abstract

Personalized simulated video of a heart attack & repercussions on family results in significant long-term smoking cessation. 


By asking Annmarie to articulate the positive emotions of her desired outcome, it is easier for her to re-access this internal motivation later. Below you will see another users SmartSpark based on the same template - they can scale to millions of simultaneous users.

Another woman's SmartSpark based on the same template.