A deeper look into a Healthy Eating SmartSpark

Using Motivational Interviewing best practices, our client is asked 3 questions: What is one bad food choice they can swap out the next day. 2. What is a healthier choice. And, 3, how will they feel when they are eating healthfully on a regular basis. They film their responses that are sent to our servers which mix them into a SmartSpark that is sent back to them the next day.  Everyday they get a new SmartSpark that dynamically changes based on their ratings, progress and availability of peer support .

Alcoholics drink less after playing a game where they push away drinks.

Harnessing the power of disgust

By asking Annmarie to articulate the positive emotions of her desired outcome, it is easier for her to re-access this internal motivation later. Below you will see another users SmartSpark based on the same template - they can scale to millions of simultaneous users.

Another woman's SmartSpark based on the same template.