MotiSpark uses behavioral science and the emotional power of personalized imagery to create SMS-based video nudges that motivate people to action. We just won the 1st place prize & grant from HIMSS & Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. With this, MotiSpark will help motivate LatinX youth to learn coping strategies and develop mental resilience; which includes the essential skill of building exercise into their daily lives. 
Nike y MotiSpark - juntos somos imparables :-)

Medicaid patients from diverse backgrounds in 4 states are currently using the platform to live healthier lives. And they love it; watching each video multiple times with sustained engagement over months.

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Below is more generalized information about our platform. There are a variety of exciting ways it could be leveraged for Nike!

Fitness ☺➹ Motivation

MotiSpark empowers people to use their love of their phone to access the latest in behavioral psychology & neuroscience to empower themselves to get moving!

SMS video nudges that build Intrinsic motivation

Evidence based approach to successful exercise: YES
Timely, delightful, fun nudges: YES
Easy to use, never shaming: YES✨➹

Our programing is designed to empower people to access their intrinsic motivation while learning the self-care skills necessary to be in control of their healthcare journeys. The platform uses CBT through a patent-pending selfie based experience where people are empowered to identify when they will exercise, what they will do and then know that their Sparks will be there when they need to feel motivated. The Spark Platform help people establish daily routines that include healthier eating, exercise, drinking water, practicing good sleep hygiene, and positive reframing.  Local fitness classes, online programs, coaches and caregivers can be featured in any language and intelligently sent to individuals within timely video nudges.

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People LOVE their Sparks☀️

Sparks are motivating people with chronic diseases in 4 states with awesome engagement metrics & end-user feedback. Each video is watched an average of 1.7x and people overwhelmingly report that their Sparks helped them and that they want more.

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People learn & engage in a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy that also captures their content and preferences. The resulting spark video includes visual priming to help her subconsciously want to get moving.

Available in English & Spanish, Spark videos are dynamically generated based on people’s tastes & needs. They combine images they & their caregiver upload with content we create and license.