An intro for our early testers.

Below are Sample SmartSparks from women all over the US.  

Over 90% of testers reported success at desired behavior change. Plus, all signed up for more.

Laura got 2 new peer-support messages that appear within Laura's exercise SmartSpark. Laura's SmartSpark library is growing with more personal imagery and inspiring content. EVERYDAY her SmartSparks are unique.

Carla's moment of awe is compiled of 3rd party content + her selfie-video + facebook photos. Users want to give these moments to friends and select photos from facebook or instagram for them.

Above is a SmartSpark type where friends send a positive memory to help their loved ones hardwire in a feeling of happiness. This is based on the principles found in Hardwiring For Happiness.

Concept video: A day in the life with SmartSpark (pre iOT fun!)