Personalized Diabetes Education & Support Platform

Empower people with diabetes to gain the skills for lasting behavior change through a fun, highly personalized mobile video web-app that they will love. Available in English and Spanish. Patients learn self-care much more easily through video while they enjoy the delightful inspiration of Spark videos.


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Sample education clips that prompt patient action & content uploads

In English

Nutritional education and prompt for patient upload example

This tip/prompt to help people learn about benefits of drinking water & solicit uploads is sent in the second week of the program and reinforced over time. Imagery is based on user-profile

In Spanish

Introductory video is followed by a fun set of questions where people choose things like what they find most meaningful, activities they enjoy, struggles & they upload photos of loved ones and more.

This video about the benefits of stress-reduction on health is followed by personalization questions that then result in relaxing, deligthful video nudges at critical times.

Content via cCBT & personalized coping plans


Example Sparks

Patients learn & engage in a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy that also captures their content and preferences. The resulting spark video includes visual priming to help her subconsciously choose healthier foods. See Oxford Published Trial Report on why this works.

Personalizing & uploading content is easy & fun

Personalizing & uploading content is easy & fun

She sees her selfie and personalized imagery - with people in her age group.

Relaxation Spark is full of user’s own photos and selfie videos

A spark to inspire you to drink water

Optional Tips & Cheer from Caregivers & Peers