Existing Apps and Why They Fail

TEXT TEXT TEXT and poor UX design

The Addiction Support Recovery Apps marketplace is full of text-centric experiences that occasionally offer audio-support tracks.

They suffer from high drop-off rates because of poor UX.  

The COR-12 App specifically designed to help the Opioid Recovery community offers users tons of text to read. If they want to get immediate support, they have to fill out a text-email form.  They are asked to upload images of people that they care about, but are then only given a gallery and no novel experiences.

Text alerts and tons of text-based check-ins make COR-12, Twelve Steps - The Companion, One Day at a Time, Ipromises and more too user-unfriendly.  Features which show promise are support meet-up maps, Squirrel Recovery's on-call support and the general idea that motivation is key to recovery.  But, we know a better way...