The Inspiration: Studies that begged to be synthesized together to empower everyday people. And, why SmartSparks are already testing at over 90% success.

We are constantly connected to our devices, and on the dawn of voice-based ubiquitous computing (Siri, Alexa, etc.)  We started SmartSpark because we know that we need a company whose mission is to empower individuals to control how their devices effect them - to use all the best behavioral science and addictive qualities in app design so that people can trigger their pre-determined behaviors. Below are some exciting behavioral science studies that we are synthesizing into SmartSpark's approach. Perhaps they help explain why our earliest testing is wrapping up with a 90%+ success rate.

Then, of course, we must pay due to Nudge Theory and GTD...books/schools of thought that have synthesized tons of theory into cohesive delicious books that improve not only behavioral economics, but individual lives.  And, we are devouring Motivational Interviewing techniques which have been used in many of the studies above. 

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