Our Team

We are hands-on product builders and creatives working out of Los Angeles CA, We're building the future of personalized behavioral nudges, while immediately empowering people to use the addictive pull of checking their phones to stick to their behavioral plans.

Technology + Design + behavioral Psychology + The art of hollywood


Ariel Langer Mcnichol, Vision

Co-founded & scaled multiple start-ups including popular avatar company mEgo. Designer for Apple, Disney, Scientific Learning,


Amanda Wang Valentine, healthcare Sales

Former banker and product market-fit specialist with expertise in healthcare sales and product integration.


Sean Young, PhD., Behavioral Psychology Advisor

Executive Director at Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT); UCLA School of Medicine. Author best-selling book on lasting behavior change.


Kyle Brinkman, Technology & product

Co-founded & scaled multiple startups like MySpace & Beachmint. Seasoned technologist & product team builder.


Juan Oubiña
Content & Creative

Award-winning advertising veteran who is passionate about using his powers of persuasion for empowering behavior change.


Delaney Bishop, Videographer

Award winning director & hands-on videographer with track record of making viral video hits.


Mark Jaffe
Operations & Finance

Served as head of operations & finance for VC-backed companies, as well as tech investment banking at Alex. Brown & Sons.


Vivienne Ming, PhD.
AI Advisor

Invented AI systems to help treat her diabetic son, predict manic episodes in bipolar suffers weeks in advance.


Julia Johnston, strategic business development Advisor

Successful growth and sales expert across a variety of disciplines and former co-founder of mEgo with Ariel.


Additional Advisor:
Oliver Eberle designed multiple complex video systems. 

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