Selfie Therapy TM

What is it?

SelfieTherapy is the act of filming oneself saying or doing something as a result of a therapeutic prompt and then seeing that video back in a Spark later with intelligently selected adjacent imagery, words & filters. Filming oneself is done from prompts like:

  • What easy exercise could you realistically do tomorrow?

  • What is one positive thing you will feel from exercising?

  • Say 1 reason you want to exercise on a regular basis:

  • At what time of day do you usually get the most frustrated?

  • Imagine craving something that is very harmful to your body - pretend to push it away while saying you don’t want it because it’s harmful.

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Why Now?

  • Motivational Interviewing.
    Existing motivational interviewing platforms ask patients to type feelings or do so with a costly and perhaps untrusted coach. MotiSpark sparks the therapeutic act of identifying and articulating one’s feelings and enables people to do it out-loud via selfie. The natural language response is much more data rich than what platforms get by having people select an emoticon for mood. Lastly - need to cite studies about how there’s enhanced trust disclosing feelings indirectly (e.g., text suicide lines.)

  • Computer-based motivational interviews reduced drinking. Answering open-ended app-based questions enables thinking through issues for measurable behavior change.

  • MARY LEE -this is the blurb I’m trying to articulate and would love to cite more evidence, your work? The act of watching self explain resonate message shown to enhance meta-cognition and corollary self-control. 

  • Metacognition, articulated reflections,… Video based reflecting on reflections triggers enhanced learning

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Message to users:
Selfie Therapy can be profoundly helpful!

The way you personalize MotiSpark is based on evidence-based behavioral approaches but made fun & easier! The act of saying what your plans are or why you want to do something is helpful...and then seeing yourself back later - that's sparkling-motivation!

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2. It makes Sparks FUN & entertaining

Your photos, videos and preferences are blended together in dynamic, fun ways that are always different. Our brains love to check always-new stuff, like social media, but with MotiSpark that drive is used to help you rather than distract you.

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3. 100% Private. For your eyes only 

Everything you upload or answers you give are for your eyes only. MotiSpark does not share or sell any of it with anyone! In fact, this is a good time to remind you that if you have any medical questions, please contact your caregiver(s) directly. They will not see anything from this site.