The Intersection of Health and Tech: A Quest For Wellness

On May 22nd, UCIPT and the Alumni Association at UCLA hosted an event for students and alumni who have interest in the intersection of health and technology. The event began with a keynote talk from Sean Young, PhD, who is the executive director of the UCIPT. He shared his experience of starting as an ethnomusicology major at UCLA and how years later he now serves as the Executive Director at a healthcare and technology research institute. After the keynote, Dr. Young moderated a panel of people in the healthcare and tech industries. The panelists featured Ariel McNichol, the Co-founder and CEO of MotiSpark, José daVeiga, Technology Product Director at Smarter Balanced, and Jeroen van Meijgaard, Health Economist at GoodRx.


Welcome to A Healthier View Podcast with Hosts Beth and Chris with Special Guest Ariel McNichol Co-Founder & CEO, MotiSpark.

Topic:  Personalized Health Videos

In this episode Beth, Chris and Ariel discuss the MotiSpark's platform and how it gives patients and employees a tool they'll love and how it can extend a individual's care through ongoing personalized video support, behavioral plan reinforcement and practical reminders.

A message from Ariel and the MotiSpark team:  We know how to build successful, addicting software, create must-see videos, and harness evidence-based therapeutic interventions...skills we are using to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. 

The opinions expressed during this broadcast are for inspiration, information and motivational purposes.