About Us 

We know how to build successful, addicting software, create must-see videos, and harness evidence-based therapeutic interventions...skills we are using to empower people to live happier, healthier lives
Veteran software entrepreneur & designer (mEgo, Apple, Disney, Scientific Learning), Ariel McNichol started SmartSpark as a tool to help herself and friends exercise, quit smoking and eat less junk. When doctor friends started asking for SmartSpark for their patients, the business was born. Ariel brought on Kyle Brinkman who co-founded MySpace & scaled multiple startups like Beachmint.  Professor Sean Young, author of Stick With It, The Science Behind Last Behavior change, a #1 Wall Street Journal and national best-selling book.  Amanda Wang Valentine, seasoned sales & marketing expert.  Delaney Bishop, award winning filmmaker w/dozens of viral videos hits for brands such as Chevy & Tom Ford.  And great ADVISORS: Vivienne Ming, PhD. AI poineer & theoretical Sheila S. Markham - Healthcare technology sales leader.  Melva Benoit, content strategist, Fox, Viacom. Oliver Eberle designed multiple complex video systems. Patent filed byIsi Caulder