If you can dream it, you can do it
— Walt Disney
What wires together, fires together
— Donald Hebb, neuropsychologist

Our vision is to empower everyday people to harness the art and science of visualization, the most helpful behavioral science and addictive qualities in app design so they can improve their lives. We are building a fun, social, dynamic app that thoughtfully makes it easy for people to see and capture not only their visualizations, but the practical steps to reach them. Better health, mood, sleep. There are so many wonderful trackers, loss aversion apps, coach-me with text offerings, etc., but there are not visual, immediate impact experiences like SmartSpark. It's the perfect time to launch, as so many people are wishing that constantly checking our devices was a health provoking exercise.

Our first release is designed to serve the heartbreakingly huge need for effective ways to help people eat better, exercise and practice a little mindfulness.  Americans are dying of obesity related illnesses. It's a tragedy that we must urgently and intelligently address.

SmartSpark is currently in private testing.  If you want to eat better, practice moments of daily mindfulness, and/or exercise more easily, contact us to become a tester.  Please note: testers must film a little of their lives - it's kept entirely private! We are about empowering you.

The Team 


Ariel McNichol,  Founder & CEO, began as a Designer & Creative Director for companies like Apple, Disney, & Scientific Learning. She co-founded multiple start-ups including mEgo.com.  Engineer Oliver Eberle has built platforms for NBC Universal & multiple exited start-ups.  Delaney Bishop is an award winning filmmaker w/dozens of viral videos hits for brands such as Chevy & Tom Ford.  Sean Young, PhD. MS, Stanford trained, UCLA professor, advisor, is a leading Behavioral Psychologist focusing on technology and behavior change.



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