The Team

Sean Young, PhD. MS, is a Behavioral Psychologist & executive director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior

Franco Ruggeri, amazing product leader, do'er, need description :)

Jason McNichol, PhD, is an interdisciplinary research and commercialization professional with more than two decades of experience leading successful collaborative R&D efforts for nonprofits and firms.

Delaney Bishop is an award winning filmmaker with dozens of viral videos hits for brands such as Chevy. 

Philip Stark is an award winning TV and film writer (Southpark, Dude Where's My Car, That 70's Show)

Ariel McNichol,  Founder & CEO, began designing for companies like Apple, Disney, & Scientific Learning. She co-founded multiple start-ups including 

Amanda Wang Valentine strategic marketing & sales leader in healthcare and applied sciences.

Kyle Brinkman, guru of all that is good. Can see through the BS and know exactly what needs to be done. 

Engineer Oliver Eberle created and run platforms for NBC Universal & multiple exited start-ups.